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At the center of Lesvos there is one of the most beautiful spots of the island, Skala Kallonis. It is a seaside village by the Kalloni Gulf and thanks to its broad and sandy beach it has develop into a busy tourist resort.
In Skala Kallonis, the summer festivals present a special interest:the festival of sardine in the first weeknet of August.Sardines caught here are said top be some of the best in Greece and the daily catch is bought into the quaint , but busy village harbour.At the festival the grilled sardines are to be offered to the visitors with plenty of ouzo accompanied with live greek dance shows.
Skala kallonis is 4 klm away from Kalloni and 46 klm from Mytilini's airport.
Kalloni is a market town located 40klm west of Mytilini. In many ways one could say that Kalloni is the "centre " of the island and is the main intersection for buses . Many branches of major banks are situated here too as well as supermarkets and a good selection of shops.
Besides, here there are significant sites , since , within the boundary of the plain , the ancient Lesbians worshiped many of the ancient gods in great sanctuaries, parts of which are saved until today.The temple of Messa was dedicated to Zeus, Dionysos and Ira, constituted a worship and communication centre for all the Lesbians, and at the beginning of the 2nd century B.C. was the seat of the deferation of all the cities of Lesvos.Important archaelogical sites are also found in Apofika, Parakila and Agra, where the ancient retaining wall of about six height is located , but also in Makara bearing the name of the first settler os Lesvos during ancient times.



ALKITHEA is a family run Business of rooms that are suitably located on the square of the resort, only a few meters away from the sandy beach of Kalloni Gulf.     


 Skala Kallonis, Lesvos island, TK-81107, Greece
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